[Marxism] Malcolm X, the Militant, Aristide

stansmith44 stansmith44 at ameritech.net
Tue Mar 16 17:12:29 MST 2004

    Steve Gabosch here should be a little embarrassed. 
    Let alone that Steve is quoting Malcolm X about the Militant 40 years ago, not today. I could dig up a similar quote from Lenin about the CPUSA paper I suppose - which did have a better headline about Haiti than the Militant.
Steve makes this approving quote from the Militant:

Some relevant quotes from the March 22 Militant:

"Today, liberal supporters of Aristide in the United States­including 
Democratic politicians, who were the most aggressive in campaigning for 
another U.S. invasion of Haiti, all in the name of defending the former 
president­complain that he was "kidnapped" by Washington. But whether he 
was physically forced into exile or he handed a resignation letter to U.S. 
officials before getting on the plane does not change the more important 
fact that from the beginning his administration was totally subordinate to 
U.S. imperialism."

    It is liberals and Democrats who say Aristide was kidnapped? I guess we are all liberals and Democrats, Steve? 
    And whether Aristide was kidnapped or not does not matter as much as pointing out that he was a US puppet? 

    Is this the same newspaper only a few months ago was quoted on this list as condemning the anti-Bush protests in London because the British people should focus their fire on their own government instead? 
    Now those who focus our fire on our government are liberals and Democrats! Now we should be emphasizing in March 20 demonstrations that the most important issue is that Aristide was a US puppet? 
    What a disgraceful newspaper! Shame on those who defend this view that lets US imperialism off the hook. Better these self-described proletarian communists go study the little book, The Emperor's New Clothes.
Stan Smith

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