[Marxism] Tom Hayden defends Jane Fonda against Kerry biographer

Tim Kennelly tim_gmk at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 16 20:09:31 MST 2004

> The entire Decmocratic party machine is too far to
the centre, or even right of centre for that matter. 
While there are undoubtedly progressives within the
Democratic party, they have no power within it. 
Therefore progressives should engage in denouncing the
democratic party, and the candidacy of johnkerry, who
will never move far enough left to reconnect with
radicals and liberals of the Vietnam era (rember: this
is the party that go the US into Vietnam).
>  --- lshan at bcn.net wrote:
> Buried in this is also an implicit warning/criticism
> for Kerry not to go so
> far to the "center" as to cut himself off from the
> radicals and liberals of
> the Vietnam era. 
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