[Marxism] Tom Hayden defends Jane Fonda against Kerry biographer

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Tue Mar 16 20:54:34 MST 2004

". . .  progressives should engage in denouncing the
democratic party, and the candidacy of john kerry, who
will never move far enough left to reconnect with
radicals and liberals of the Vietnam era (remember: this
is the party that got the US into Vietnam)"
--Tim Kennelly

Many "radicals and liberals of the Vietnam era" are buying, not into
enthusiasm for John Kerry, but definitely into "anybody but Bush." Hayden, I
believe, is concerned that Kerry and Co. may break even this connection.

In a related argument, critics of the hysterical "Nader must not do it
again" crowd have pointed out that had Gore been more "liberal," he would
have undermined Gore, just as Truman undermined Wallace in 1948. Hayden may
be developing the argument that if Kerry takes the Vietnam generation for
granted, he could lose for the same reason that Gore did.

By the way, former congressman Andrew Biemiller, once a left socialist (see
History of American Trotskyism) claimed in an interview before his death
that the extremely modest civil rights plank inserted into the 1948 DP
platform by Hubert Humphrey and himself was designed to undermine Henry
Wallace's Progressive Party campaign and that that was why Truman won the

"engage in denouncing the democratic party"

I am a sinner in this regard as well, but we should always denounce BOTH the
Republican and Democratic parties, not just the Democratic Party. By
denouncing both, you show objectivity. You also demonstrably put them both
in the same camp. And there are individuals who vote Republican who can be
won to progressive positions, albeit with differently formulated arguments.

I for example, would ask why "single-payer" or "socialized" health systems
are supported parties from Right to Left in Europe, but by no party here.

I would ask both parties to affirm that the United States will not stay in
Iraq and Afghanistan and that not only will they withdraw ground troops, but
they will withdraw from and turn over all military and civilian ports,
airfields, encampments and bases throughout the Middle East and the rest of
the world.

There are many other demands that could be made on the capitalist party
candidates. I would like to see members of the list formulate some that we
could then discuss and present for wider distribution.

from Brian Shannon

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