[Marxism] Socialist Scholars Conference

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Mar 17 00:57:52 MST 2004

Jay wrote:
> But this does raise the question: What other fora are possible for a more
> revolutionary (and theoretical) discourse?  Has anybody been to these annual
> programs on "Socialism 2004" or "Marxism 2004" that the SWP (UK) or ISO (US)
> put on? How are they?  This, and other Internet Lists, are certainly a great
> boon.  But there's still a need for more direct person-to-person
> interaction.

Well, one of the things that might be possible due to the development of 
the Marxism List is a real socialist scholars/activists conference 
organised by people on this list.  There is so much expertise here and 
so many good and useful political connections, that maybe the comrades 
on the list in the US could start organising some kind of annual 
educational event, maybe starting off modestly and testing the water and 
  then building from there.

Just an idea, from the other side of the world. . .

Philip Ferguson

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