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Green Left Weekly, issue #575, March 17, 2004

One year of Iraq occupation -- troops out now!

It is one year since Washington, with its allies in Canberra and London,
carried out its brutal, illegal and unjust invasion of Iraq. Despite the
talk of a ?handover? of power to Iraqis on June 30, the White House
intends to install a puppet regime and keep control of the country. The
warmongers' objectives remain the same: Iraq's oil, a stable client
regime in Baghdad and a base for strengthening US imperialism's control
of the Middle East. [Full story]


Aboriginal people fight for wages

``There's been a campaign of lies and deceit by the government for the
last 20 years'', Peter Guiverra told Green Left Weekly on March 10.
Guiverra is one of many Indigenous workers who, for the last two
decades, has been fighting to win wages withheld by the government and
never paid. While he is talking about the Queensland government, it is
rapidly becoming clear governments across Australia are also culpable.
[Full story] <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p24.htm>

International News

# Iraq one year on: Has Washington won?
# If we fight, we can win
# Outnumbered, exhausted and in over our heads
# IRAQ: US benefits from shrine bombings
# UNITED STATES: Re-emergence of twin deficits sparks alarm
# THAILAND: Unions fight privatisation
# SOUTH AFRICA: (Un)civil society and the ANC
# EL SALVADOR: Workers discuss presidential election
# SPAIN: Madrid: capital of glory, capital of infamy
# SPAIN: Millions protest violence
# GREECE: Right wins elections, radical left consolidates
# INDONESIA: IWD rallies champion women workers' rights
# UNITED STATES: Political elite moving toward reactivating draft
# UNITED STATES: Paul Sweezy
# UNITED STATES: Right to protest threatened in New York


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Regular Features

# Write on: Letters to the editor
# Loose cannons <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p6e.htm>

Australian News

# Battle for housing <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p5d.htm>
# Anger at union support for HECS increases
# Injured construction workers support group set up
# TAFE workers rally for jobs
# British journalist attacks media distortions
# Socialist candidate backs heroin trials
# News Briefs <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p4c.htm>
# Anti-war activist's court case adjourned
# `Women unite!' <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p5.htm>
# Thousands march to save forests
# Newcastle socialist election launch
# News briefs 1 <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p2.htm>
# Greens condemn Howard's homophobia

Comment and Analysis

# Newcastle unions to fight hospital privatisation
# US eye Darwin for base 
# A woman's place is in the struggle: New women's movement in Iraq
# Indigenous people and supporters to march on parliament
# Supporting the Iraqi workers' movement
# Our Common Cause: Troops out of Iraq ? Howard out of government
# EDITORIAL: Howard kills Medicare
# East Timorese appeal for justice
# Selling off our houses
# Why sex workers believe 'smaller is better'
# Loose with the truth 

Cultural Dissent

# Gibson's seedy version of Orientalism
# True sight <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p21b.htm>
# Passion from Black 47
# On the Box <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/575/575p22c.htm>

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