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Wed Mar 17 01:50:24 MST 2004

Just an FYI, not bad for this early in the year :)



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Subject: Important Message from Ralph Nader
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Date: Tue, Mar 16 2004 22:07:08
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We're Movin' Up! 

A New York Times/CBS News Poll shows Ralph at 7%!  Read the poll here:
Let's push to get Ralph to 10% and prove the pundits wrong.
We need to raise money for ballot access right now to put more people in the
field to get Ralph on the ballot in all 50 states.  Please help us raise
funds for ballot access by visiting:

Ralph will be in Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, and
Georgia this month, so stay tuned for details. To date, we have hired field
coordinators in Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston); Oklahoma; Indiana;
Illinois; Michigan, and today, North Carolina. Sign up to volunteer in
these states and others by going to:

Finally, please read Ralph's piece on organizing proxy debates all around
the country. Are you interested in having more voices and choices in the
debates? If so, please email us at: proxydebates at votenader.org. We are
looking for both organizers and participants for this project. 

Thank you for your support!  It's showing up on the radar screen! The
country is hearing your voice.

- Theresa Amato
  Campaign Manager


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