[Marxism] RE: Strasserism?

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 07:34:16 MST 2004

The BNP seem to try and mix ('nativist') workerism, welfare-stateism, and 
nationalism, with the usual militarism, racism (racist immigration 
policies), colonialism (re Ireland), and police-state authoritariainism 
(their insinuation that British children are not taught their own history, 
and that teachers have no authority, is laughable). Their stand on full 
employment policies (for 'native' British workers) may appeal to a lot of 
disaffected and historically priveleged English workers. Of course they 
obfuscate how all this is to be achieved (presumably, since they are rabidly 
anti-European, by keeping Britain the aspiring poodle of yankee 
imperialism). My question is: how realistic (that is how 'radical') is their 
apparent commitment to military Keynesianism, including their commitment to  
full employment, in the face of British capital's commitment to gobalisation 
(integrally aided and boosted by imperialist expansion)? If the BNP are seen 
to be pursuing vaguely socialistic measures by British workers, how do we 
stop the latter flocking to them? Isn't this blend of appealing to working 
class people and middle class business alike in the name of an expansionist 
nation exactly like the Nazis in 1930s Germany?

>From their website... (one more hit for them I know):

What we stand for
IMMIGRATION - time to say NO!
EUROPE - back to British independence!
LAW AND ORDER - crack down on crime!
ECONOMY - British workers first!
EDUCATION - discipline, standards, achievement!
AGRICULTURE - quality before quantity!
HEALTH - first-class healthcare for all!
TRANSPORT - time to invest!
ENVIRONMENT - NO to pollution!
FOREIGN AID - time to spend our money on our own people!
PENSIONERS - pensioners before asylum seekers!
NORTHERN IRELAND - NO to sectarianism!
DEFENCE - no more cuts!
FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Britain's interests first!
DEMOCRACY - letting the people decide!

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