[Marxism] Fading US tech lead

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Wed Mar 17 09:55:58 MST 2004

The US’s once overwhelming dominance in high technology is beginning to
wane, and outsourcing is only one of the symptoms, reports Business Week.

Although the US is still the overall leader and Microsoft, General Electric,
and Intel are household names, the Nordic countries are in the forefront of
wireless communications, the EU in commercial aircraft, Japan in optical
electronics and robotics, and Israel in information security technology.

US per capita spending on scientific R & D lags other countries, and most of
it is defence-related, the magazine says, with not enough being directed to
“key disciplines such as chemistry, materials science, and physics”. China
and India now have more science graduates than the US, with the lead
expected to widen as the US falls behind in relative education spending. A
measure of the shift is that in the decade between 1992-2002, the US went
from being a net $35 billion exporter to a net $54 billion importer of
high-tech products.

An accompanying Los Angeles Times report shows the hollowing out effects of
outsourcing on legendary Silicon Valley.

Business Week and LA Times articles reproduced on www.supportingfacts.com

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