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please forgive me if im not replynig to this correctly, this is my first

Debt is all well and crippling, but what really kills the 3rd world is
unfair trade practices practicided by America and Europe.

You dont need that much capital in a poor African country to produce globaly
competitive food stuffs. And in countries like these, this kind of money
would bring great social and political stability... perhaps leading to
foreign investment to take advantage of cheap labour and the other things
low cost factors of working in a 3rd world country...

This makes me wonder about how much the first world know about economics, do
the American administrators play dumb, cause they seem to act on the factl
that competition at the advanced capitalism stage only accelerates
capitalisms diminishing....

oh, just btw, I am young and know the basics. I understand the main points
of scientific socialism, and at least i think u can pretty easily through
logic work out the details when u start talking speficics, but obioviously
there have been greater minds mulling over those very same questions for
long periods of time... so im sure ill get corrected a lot :-), beats
learning from a book...   well if you know of any books that would be good
for a beginer, i mean i know most of the jargon, perhaps something that
introduces more of the complex issues surrounding economic~social~historical
thingies :-)

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l> Do you support the complete military withdrawal from Iraq, including
l> withdrawal from all military and civilian ports, airfields,
l> encampments and bases throughout the Middle East and the rest of the
l> world?

  Good question. And, please, never forget to mention "the rest of the

  What is missing is a question about canceling the debt of the Third
World countries.

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