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Last Release: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 
Anniversary of the Death of Rachel Corrie 

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the death of
student activist Rachel Corrie. She was killed by an
Israeli bulldozer, which crushed her as she stood
defending a Palestinian home. Reprinted below is an
article written by Left Hook co-editor Adam Levenstein
the day after her death. We dedicate this update of
Left Hook to the memory and example our comrade


Ralph Nader: Crashing the Party 
| Michael Dempsey | 

But even though Kerry has edged everyone else out, it
appears that what transpired up to this point was a
genuinely multifarious competition. Upon closer
inspection, however, it becomes evident, that what
really took place was an intra-party putsch, where the
candidate who was clearly favored by the rank and
file, Dean, was usurped by the candidate favored by
the party elite, literally almost overnight. 
Enter Ralph Nader. 


Rural Midwesterners Stand Up to Power Monopoly 
| Carl Sack | 

As American capitalism continues to expand and exhaust
itself, it sacrifices the living conditions of more
sectors of the working class and the remaining
integrity of the environment. Corporate profits can be
the only goal, and nothing else is sacred. But when
the destructive force of capitalism collides with the
lives of ordinary people, it can galvanize even the
least political into solidarity and decisive action. 

Full: http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Sack031704.html

What the CNN poll Should Have Asked after the Spanish
| Derek Seidman | 

The day after the Spanish Socialist Party won the
national elections, a CNN.com poll asked "Do the
election results in Spain represent a victory for the
terrorists?" This type of loaded question is not
uncommon, especially in the polls of that dreaded
refuge of liberal bias, CNN. When former Treasury
Secretary Paul O'Neill came out a few months ago to
say that Bush and his clique were plotting an attack
on Iraq before 9/11, the CNN poll asked "Did Paul
O'Neill betray George Bush?" Whether it occurred to
them to ask a more sensible question (such as, "Did
George Bush betray America?") is unknown. 


So, You Want A Better World 
| Macdonald Stainsby | 

All right, so you want a better world. What does that
mean? That's a question I want to both ask and see
answered. But first, a reminder of what kind of world
those in power seek, fresh from today's 'editorial'
pages across the globe. The same people who
'intellectually authored' (oxymoronic term) the attack
on Iraq have now written further in "An End to Evil:
How to Win the War on Terror", the latest tract on how
to use aerial bombardments and mass slaughter in
defense of 'Americans'. This screed has already
alarmed many all over the world, for it outlines some
new military adventures, despite the fact they are
meeting with very prolonged resistance in Iraq that
threatens by itself to engulf more and more of the US
army's military capability. 


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