[Marxism] Re: Questions For Candidates

jak barns fukdetrn at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 15:52:20 MST 2004

Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote: 
>So long as we're fantasizing, here's a few I'd like to see someone ask<
>Bush and/or Kerry at a press conference...<

I would add "what was your position during the Clinton administration, when US imposed sanctions on Iraq were killing 5,000 Iraqi children a month? ("Yes, it's worth it"-Secretary of State M. Albright) What comment do you have, on the fact that 80% of all Iraqis who died as a result of sanctions (about a million) did so during the Clinton administration? Do you think the Democrats should continue the "war against the poor as examplified by Clinton's so-called "welfare reform"?

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