[Marxism] "Old planned economy" is not the way says Chinese economist

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Wed Mar 17 16:11:55 MST 2004

While the amendment to China's Constitution that protects private property
is hailed by most people, it seems has nothing to do with villagers of
Nanjie Village, one of few rich villages in China that still sticks to
collective economy.
This is not because they are poor. Instead, most of Nanjie's 13, 000
citizens earn a yearly wage of 3,000 yuan (US$360) with free meals, housing,
medical-care and education, compare with the national average of 2,622 yuan
a year for a farmer without any social welfare.
In Nanjie, from the village leaders to the factory worker to the peasant
tilling the fields, every permanent resident gets the same take-home pay.

Housing, health care and tuition from nursery to university are free. So are
electricity, water, gas, contraceptives, newspapers, magazines,
entertainment, cooking oil, flour, eggs and beer.

"Too much private property will lure people to do evil," said Wang Jie, also
a villager in Nanjie, who now lives in the apartments uniformly distributed
by the village collective. Wang once turned in to the collective his bonus
of 1,500 yuan (about US$181) for technological renovation "without one
minute's hesitation" as he recalled.

Wang admitted his understanding towards private property rights were the
result of years of education by the village, which has adhered to the
development of a collective economy during the past 20 years.
The only people happy with the constitutional amendment is Yang Jinchao, a
returned student from Australia who is now employed [as the] manager of the
collectively-owned beer factory by the village.

Yang could get a yearly pay of 480,000 yuan (about US$58,000) from Nanjie if
he helps the beer factory come out of losses this year and bring in 2
million yuan (about US$241,000) of profits.

"It makes me more comfortable to work in Nanjie," said Yang,

Speaking about Nanjie's public economy, noted economist Zhong Pengrong said,
"It would have been impossible for Nanjie to achieve such economic success
during the old planned economy era."

"Nanjie owes its success to China's market economy-oriented drive," Zhong

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