[Marxism] "Old planned economy" is not the way says Chinese economist

Tim Kennelly tim_gmk at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 17 21:52:55 MST 2004

Nanjie's public economy sounds infinitely better than
any market economy this world has to offer.  I take
exception to the statement that "Nanjie owes its
success to China's market economy-oriented drive",
because it implies that somehow widespread public
economy is not feasible.  What a load of rubbish. 
Wide scale public economy is the only way to save this
planet and the human race from alsmost certain doom. 

--- lshan at bcn.net wrote: > 
> Speaking about Nanjie's public economy, noted
> economist Zhong Pengrong said,
> "It would have been impossible for Nanjie to achieve
> such economic success
> during the old planned economy era."
> "Nanjie owes its success to China's market
> economy-oriented drive," Zhong
> said.
> htm
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