[Marxism] Why the Democratic Party Attacks Nader & the Green Party

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Mar 18 05:07:57 MST 2004

Democratic attacks on the Greens are as unpersuasive as Republican rants
against secular humanists.  They are simply meant to herd the already
faithful.  I've been astonished at what little impact they've seemed to

Because I favor the largest, most coherent, and most influential third
party vote we can cast within our principles, I've urged our comrades in
the Socialist Party to consider participating in the larger movement.
What I've gotten in response for the last year or so were horror stories
about the Greens taking down Socialist leaflets and other ultimately
meaningless excuses.

Over recent months, I've read the posts by Socialist Party
people--notably on Hunter's list--that echo both the personal nature of
the Democratic attacks on Nader and embrace the Democratic Party
argument that a large third party vote will reelect Bush.  With a great
deal of back-slapping back-and-forth from unapologetic Democrats on the
list, Socialists have argued that a vote for their ticket--unlike a vote
for the Greens--will be both a morally superior vote to that of the
reformists and a protest vote sufficiently small so as not to damage the
Anybody-but-Bush strategists.

The discussion has persuaded me that, sadly enough, the Socialist Party
isn't necessarily to the left of the Greens and that many of its leaders
and members are content to remain unconcerned with--and irrelevant
to--the big picture.  Indeed, the last thing the Left needs is another
organization pursuing a strategy and recruiting members on the grounds
that it will remain safely Lilliputian. 

Mark L.

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