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lshan at bcn.net lshan at bcn.net
Thu Mar 18 08:30:01 MST 2004

There is a sizable number of Greens who favor only running in states where
the DP is safe for Kerry or not possible for Kerry. Inside the Green Party
this is formally organized by the Cobb faction, which has sizable support.
There is also a tendency that favors an independent candidate (not Nader).
Some favor this because without Nader, they can run in all the states, but
also not threaten the DP. Individuals will do as they wish whether members
of the Green Party or the Socialist Party.

Since neither of these groups is a working class party in composition or
structure, we should look at their program, including their positions on
domestic and international issues as well as their determination to run as
effective campaign as possible (within their organizational capabilities).

A key international question for both parties is the continuing war and
occupation of Iraq. Does either party advocate immediate and unconditional
withdrawal of all military forces from Iraq with no fig leaf transformation
into a United Nations occupation?

--from Brian Shannon

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