[Marxism] Spanish rightists threaten Pedro Almodóvar

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NY Times, March 18, 2004
Spain's Losing Party Plans to Sue Movie Director for Slander Over a 'Coup' 

MADRID, March 17 — Spain's defeated conservative party said Wednesday that 
it was going to sue Pedro Almodóvar, the country's most celebrated movie 
director, because he had accused the government of trying to hatch a "coup 
d'état" the day before the election.

The Popular Party said in a news release that Mr. Almodóvar had committed 
"slander and libel."

Appearing at a screening for the press of his new movie, "Bad Education," 
in Spain on Tuesday, Mr. Almodóvar, an opponent of the Iraq war, called the 
defeat of the conservatives a "liberating" moment that will usher in a new 
era of democracy.

Mr. Almodóvar referred to a rumor circulating on the Internet that accused 
the government of petitioning the Spanish king on the eve of the election 
to postpone the voting. The rumor, still swirling around Madrid, held that 
the king refused the request, saying it would constitute a de facto coup 

"We have to understand something terrifying," Mr. Almodóvar told reporters 
for the news channel Telecinco about the P.P., the Popular Party. "The P.P. 
was about to, at midnight Saturday, bring about a coup détat. I don't want 
to be polite or delicate. I'm not trying to throw stones, but you have to 
see how the P.P. has been operating."

The government has flatly denied the rumor and all political parties have 
said there is no truth in it. In a television interview on Monday, Mariano 
Rajoy, the Popular Party's defeated candidate for prime minister, called 
the allegation a "colossal lie" and added that "there are people who should 
watch what they say and be more patriotic."

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/18/international/europe/18SPAI.html

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