[Marxism] Lesser-Evilism

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 18:18:51 MST 2004

Speaking of lulling the Left?  Nobody did it better than Jimmy Carter did.  
His negative influence is exactly why we are where we are today. He 
reintroduced the idea of US military interventionism once again, in a way 
that lullaby.ed the US Left to sleep. Nobody paid much attention to what he 
was doing at the time, because he prayed so much for good things, and all. 

Another negative example of liberals winning office and what that can lead 
to?  Ann Richards won in Texas and lulled the national Left into thinking 
that all was a-OK down South!  A pretty bizarre notion as we look back on it 
now, I think. Because Dub then came along and took her out with a landside.

Everybody falls asleep when a Slick, or a Slick John, gets into office. Why 
on earth think that salvation is around the corner if it were to happen? We 
need to be even more careful with the market image making that occurs with a 
John, Jimmy, or Willie, than with the likes of what has been done so far by 
Dub's image-making machine.

Tony Abdo

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