[Marxism] The Left? Why the Democratic Party Attacks It, and Not The Republicans?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Mar 18 21:50:05 MST 2004


If we take the long view on this, we have a better opportunity to slam
the two-party system harder in 2004 than we've had in my lifetime.
Nader may have 7% in the polls--and he might even hold it--but the
question is how much of that we will be able to get to the polls this
time.  It's hard for people to see why they should bother for a campaign
that won't win.  (I suspect Nader got only about half of his supporters
to vote last time.)  

I had a sharp little encounter today with one of my liberal coworkers
engaged in rationalizing her Democratic proclivities.  Her argument was
that she was voting for all these progressive agendas by voting for
Kerry, regardless of what his record and stated intentions are.  I
pointed out that many would vote for Kerry because they supported the
war and his active collaboration with Bush administration policies.  How
would her vote say something different and distinct?   

At the close of the argument, she suggested that the principled thing
for me to do, if I couldn't support Kerry, was not to vote at all.
Clearly, she didn't want me to go the polls and cast a resounding "No"
vote to Kerry, Bush, their owners and their system.  

In every sense, the "strategy" of the ultralefts and abstentionists
dovetails nicely with the liberal wishes that we shouldn't cast a ballot
against them.  Moreover, what's between your ears as to why you're not
voting isn't the same as what motivates others to sit out an election.
So, how's not voting saying anything more coherent than voting
Democratic?  Rest assured, the American political system will interpret
your silence as consent.  Anyone who doesn't care about that is also in
the camp with our liberal friends.

While I think we will have our biggest possible impact by voting
together with the largest number of discontented citizens clustered to
the left, it's far better to cast a Vegetarian Labor ballot than not to
vote at all.  

Mark L.

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