[Marxism] The Left? Why the Democratic Party Attacks It, and Not The Republicans?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 19 06:45:53 MST 2004

Is not voting a progressive act? It all depends, of course,
on WHY someone isn't voting. If there's a mass call for the
boycotting of an election, which would legitimize a regime
or policy which we oppose, and few vote, that is a positive
sign. That's not why most people don't vote in the USA.

Voting is unusually difficult in the US where it takes place
on a work day during working hours (yes, a little before and
a little after). In Europe voting is normally on Sunday. And
then the process of registration is difficult. You must vote
regularly to stay registered, and even the physical location
is often difficult to access. My polling place was changed
two times back from a quiet residential street to the other
side of a very active main thoroughfare with little parking
and so on. It isn't easy to vote even for those who choose
to do so. In fact, I believe this is entirely conscious on
behalf of the regime here in the United States of America.

Registered voters, as a group, tend to be older and more
conservative, as a stratum, than the population as a whole.

If I thought not voting signified anything more significant
than disgust and despair, I'd view it more enthusiastically.
It's not a sentiment or an activity which can be channeled
or organized in a positive direction, in my personal opinion.

Walte Lippmann

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