[Marxism] Defending while opposing & Opposing while defending

lshan at bcn.net lshan at bcn.net
Fri Mar 19 08:16:42 MST 2004

I am puzzled by some of Walter Lippmann's recent posts. I am sure that he
can't mean that revolutionists can't defend Aristide against both the United
States and his domestic opponents while at the same time opposing the long
list of compromises and errors that he has made in and out of political

Likewise, revolutionists have the responsibility to defend Venezuela and its
president, while calling for and supporting organizations and actions that
they believe will better aide in leading the Venezuelan masses to direct
economic and social power.

Revolutionists who live in foreign countries must be careful to learn all
the facts about events and political currents, but this does not mean that
they don't have the responsibility to make their views known where the
events and trends are clear. Within our generation, the articles and
pamphlets written about Chile and Allende come to mind. Several were written
by members of the SWP. Other excellent ones came from various Maoist
tendencies. Whatever their weaknesses may be in the light of history, the
authors were entirely correct in their attempt to educate their members and
the broader radical public to the problems of the revolution in Chile.

from Brian Shannon

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