[Marxism] Re: Spain rejects Kerry's request to keep troops in Iraq,

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Fri Mar 19 11:28:43 MST 2004

Walter wrote:
"(Fidel Castro, however, isn't approaching him
in that spirit, as shown in his greeting:

Walter, this simply is mindless chasing of Fidel. What Fidel does as 
head of state vis-a-vis Cuban and the capitalist world is his business 
but it certainty isn't a guide for anyone outside of Cuba to do. If he 
in the 198080s endorsed Jesse Jackson for President, would you start 
wearing Jess for Prez pins? CISPES did just this after the FDR came to 
the US and expressed their desire for CISPES to campaign for Jackson.

Our view here has to be from the point of view of analyzing the PSOE 
victory in Spain from OUR point of view here, what it means for the 
Spanish working class there and internationally, Fidel's views 
notwithstanding, or rather, as one factor in what happened, but only 

That the previous PSOE gov't was as anti-working class as the 
subsequent PP gov't is well known by Marxists of all stripes in Spain. 
That PSOE policies implemented by the gov't then helped pave the way 
both for the PP's hardline anti-terror provisions, PSOE initiation of 
privatization of industry and social-services and other capitalist 
schemes that raised unemployment and lowered their standard of living 
is something that the Spanish people considered *some* when they voted 
for the PSOE in spite of their record.

Our attitude, I would think, would be that the Spanish people ought to 
hold the new Prime Minister's nose to the fire until he follows through 
on his promise to withdraw troops from Spain.  I would hope that the 
Spanish anti-war movement would also oppose...strongly...the same Prime 
Minister's backdoor to US imperialism by supporting his troops staying 
in Iraq if the UN took over.


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