[Marxism] Iraq one year later

John Gray mikeformaldehyde at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 19 17:36:19 MST 2004

Yeah, I definatley agree.
I know that if I were after living in Iraq under the post-Desert Storm 
sanctions, I wouldn't do anything to upset the united states.
I would fear that in a bid to show their power, the new ruling party would 
mistreat the conquered peoples if they decided they didn't like the new 

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>Marvin Gandall writes, citing the economist:
> >>Despite the “shocking clumsiness” of the occupation and resulting
>violence and insecurity, it cites polls showing most Iraqis think their
>lives have improved, mostly because of the greater availability of
>consumer goods and more freedom of expression.<<
>I think we should recognize that polls done in the middle of a war-torn
>country with people getting blown up and rounded up left and right are
>The people will simply give you back whatever the propaganda line is of
>the side currently in control of where they live.
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