[Marxism] Gays: Tolerable (In All Kinds Of Ways)

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 19 18:13:19 MST 2004

. << Although Dr. Laura is no prize peach, the letter reproduced
by you is extremely offensive in terms of the views professed by
Orthodox Jews as well (as most Christians): to wit, that the Old Testament
and New Testament have different hermeneutic desiderata -- such that
Christians are not quite seriously invited to have "coats of many colors"
and Jews are not invited *at all* to set brother against brother (a point
permitting of rarely-given elaborations).>>

Dr. Rhubarb.    You are putting too much butter on your fried eggs.    Don't 
toast the duodenum desiderata anymore, please.    We have had enuf of your 
ejaculated conbambinotions.

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