[Marxism] The Left? Why the Democratic Party Attacks It, and Not The Republicans?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 19 19:48:19 MST 2004

It is not a matter of "quibbling" here, Mark? The just is not a mass 
breakaway from the two-party system as you postulate.  This is clealry a 
case of counting one's eggs way long before they are hatched.  And to say 
that, is not just to want to damper your enthusiasm (and mine too, I might 
add) about Nader staying firm on his nonDP candidacy, but rather just a 
desire to put things in some sort of real perspective.

Gonzalez did quite well recently in SF. But last I saw, California is still 
connected quite well with the mainland of US politics.  I saw the SWP once 
win about 14% of the vote in a mayorality contest, but today there is not a 
Barnesian to be seen in that city.

OK, you dispute my opinion that Osama is more of a threat to the system than 
Nader is.  But then again, you say that you, as a Marxist scientist, can't 
even measure such an idea because you have no scientific manner to validate 
it one way or the other!   My response is... Oh Brother!

This is not a pointless discussion, either.  Simply because we are 
discussing whether to go bannanas in the electoral arena or not?  Eric Toren 
just posted material where some Mexican Trotskyists described what happenned 
when the whole Mexican Left allowed itself to be sucked into chasing the 
electoral dream of a big win.  And all of us US socialists out of the SWP 
know what happened when Barnes went chasing pots of gold at the end of a 
rainbow.  He was chasing after what was seen, by so many, as being a self 
evident working class radicalization that was as real as your idea that 
there is a current mass breakaway from the two-party system underway.

Far from a mass change in US consciousness taking place, we may be in fact 
be dangerously perched for yet another long stretch of relative somnolence 
in the US public ahead.  Have you actually thought of what will come about, 
if and when the ruling class decides to go with Clintonism in the form of 
John Kerry once again?  There is still much more water that must flow 
underneath the bridge, before the two party system goes tumbling down.  We 
are not even close yet,to the beginning of such an event.  And if it does 
happen, it is totally doubtful that either Nader, or the Green Party, will 
be the main catalyst.

Tony Abdo

Tony, there was never another election in my life when voters abandoned
the two major parties for sound progressive reasons.  In response, you
want to quibble about what "mass" is because, you say, Nader doesn't
scare the ruling class as much as bin Laden...as though that it is an
undisputed and undisputable fact...as though it is something to do with
anything under discussion...or as though any materialists has some way
to measure that!!!!  There isn't, which leaves discussion pointless.

Members of the list can read what we both wrote and make their own

Mark L.

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