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Fri Mar 19 20:03:53 MST 2004

 > I for one am looking forward to Ceylan's next
 > film, no matter his esthetic predispositions.
 > Louis Proyect

I did not know Nuri, that is, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, well
but I know of him.

We were both at the Bogazici University in the early
1980s. He was one of the best photographers of our
Photography Club, as well as a member of the Cinema
Club, whose president was my room mate.

At the time I was the president of the Turkish Music
Club so because of this Nuri and I belonged to the
same milieu. He was a lonely person with not many
friends but this maybe because he was happy by himself
with his photography and movies.

That Cinema Club produced many directors, some of whom
are now among the best directors in the country. A few
of them are the top TV commercial directors, among
other productions including movies.

So, it is no surprise to me that Nuri turned out to be
one of the best directors in Turkey.

Both him and I are the children of 912. 912 is our
911, so it stands for September 12, 1980. On that
bloody day the US supported Turkish Military took
power to make sure that the January 24, 1980 economic
program, which started the process of
neoliberalization in Turkey can proceed smoothly.

The neoliberalization project has not worked as
smoothly as was planned maybe but the parallel project
of depolitization of the population has worked quite
fine. It is one of the best executed social
engineering projects of the past few decades in my
view. A young population with almost no interest in
politics has been created and the older ones with some
political interests were either exterminated or
converted to liberalism.

But they could not convert all of us.

Nuri is among those of us who survived this conversion
process with as little scratches as one can expect.
His movies are about his own personal experiences and
this makes his movies somewhat "shallow" at times, but
the period he has lived and what he has experienced
during this period are so rich that even that is fine.

Moreover, he still is a great photographer.



Louis Proyect
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