[Marxism] AWOL against the war - then and now

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 19 22:43:48 MST 2004

	I read the Clancy Sigal article for the British Guardian we were
referred to. 


	It struck me the article was very uneven, and missed perhaps one
of the politically most significant things about the Mejía case.

	"Sgt Mejia and his 600 co-deserters could well be the harbingers
of a new GI movement," Sigal writes. That there already IS a new
movement grouped around Military Families Speak Out is something that
has escaped Sigal's notice.

	"The American media has begun to shake off its self-censorship
to show pictures of the maimed and limbless wounded at army hospitals,"
he says. 

	If only it were so! But the U.S. media is not practicing "self
censorship" as much as hewing to the party line. It is dominated by a
handful of Republican-run corporations. 

	"Sgt Mejia has the support of his family, his closest buddy and
an organised peace movement with deep roots in the Vietnam experience.
The American public is split and increasingly sceptical about President
Bush's war in Iraq. Who knows? Sgt Mejia may run for president some

	This was perhaps the part of the article that I found most
surreal. Because somehow the writer managed to miss that the roots of
Mejías rebellion also lie in Nicaragua, not just the United States.
Mejía's father is the renowned revolutionary songwriter Carlos Mejía
Godoy. His mother, Martiza Castillo, was also a Sandinista and was
involved in the then-famous "naked priest" incident in 1982. His closest
buddy, who appeared with him in Miami, is an afro-latino. And if Mejía
runs for President, it would have to be of Nicaragua, for he is not even
a citizen of the United States.

	The contradictions that the United States is accumulating,
including and perhaps especially within its army, are many. Class,
national, racial. It seems to me Clancy Sigal missed that whole side of
the picture.


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