[Marxism] Chomsky favours Kerry

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Sat Mar 20 05:22:33 MST 2004

Though he admires Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky tells the Guardian he supports
John Kerry over George Bush because “small differences can translate into
large outcomes…in this case as in 2000.”

The description of Kerry as “Bush-lite” is not “inaccurate”, he says,
describing the Republicans and Democrats as “two factions of the business
party”. But Chomsky notes the “choice” between the two can “make a
difference”, even if only “a fraction” in foreign policy and “maybe even
more dramatically” domestically.

Chomsky fears “the people around Bush are very deeply committed to
dismantling the achievements of popular struggle through the past
century…the present group in power is particularly cruel and savage in this

Chomsky also told his interviewer that Americans would be more strongly
opposed to the Iraq occupation if they were made more fully aware by the
media that the US was planning “a powerful, permanent, military and
diplomatic presence in Iraq”, and he called for an international trial for
Saddam Hussein where US and Western complicity in his crimes could be
subjected to public scrutiny.

Chomsky interview reproduced on www.supportingfacts.com

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