[Marxism] Iraq one year later

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But "street" Iraqis are frequently interviewed by US, British, and other
Western reporters -- often after a suicide bombing or civilian casualties
caused by American troops -- and they show no compunction about venting
their hostility against the occupiers. Many such articles have been posted
to this site as evidence of the depth of popular Iraqi opposition to the
occupation. How does this square with your agitated analysis that the Iraqis
are terrified to reveal their real attitudes to pollsters? You make it sound
as if the majority, except for the armed guerrillas, are cowering in tunnels
like Hussein. In fact, through a combination of armed struggle predominantly
by Sunnis, and the threat of armed struggle and the seizure and exercise of
certain democratic rights by the Shia and Kurds, they have the US very much
on the defensive -- not the other way round.

Marv Gandall

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Marvin Gandall writes:

"If the Iraqis have not shown themselves to be cowed by the US mlitary,
it is hardly likely they are going to be cowed by civilian poll-takers."

Marvin Gandall's position, that I suggest "a level of intimidation of
the Iraqi people which is just not there," is preposterous beyond

The country is under occupation by 150,000 imperialist troops. Thousands
have been killed, many thousands more have been rounded up and dumped in
concentration camps. The press is subject to systematic censorship. One
of the main forms the resistance to this has taken is underground cells
waging a military guerrilla campaign against the foreign occupiers and
their collaborators, both Iraqi and foreigners.

In this context, along comes some person you've never met, claiming to
be from a polling organization you never heard of, but they assure you
it is really and truly impartial because it represents the media of the
country that has invaded yours.

Get real.


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