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MG> In this case, I think Perez and Gray are both concerned that if polls
MG> show Iraqis saying everyday life has improved in certain respects, it
MG> implies approval of the US invasion and occupation.
MG> One does not follow from the other.
MG> Why would the Iraqis not perceive the resumption of the trade in
MG> consumer goods from the outside, the public reappearance of the
MG> Daiwa, Communist, and other parties, the proliferation of newspapers,
MG> and - especially in the case of the majority Shias - the right to
MG> resume worship in their holy places, as advances?
MG> And why should this imply approval of the occupation?

  Think about what happened as immediate reaction to the murderous  
bombings in Kerbela which were ostensibly aimed at the mass of  
worshipping Shias -- while some foreign looking Asians were rounded  
up, the main anger turned against the US military present there whose  
vehicles were stoned. But no signs of civil war against Sunni Arabs,  
as the perpetrators of these bombings might have hoped.

  I think it is a fact that many Iraqis are relieved that Saddam is no  
longer ruling them, but they do not like to be ruled by foreigners,  

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