[Marxism] Al Qaeda

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Mar 20 08:02:12 MST 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:
>One can easily see the potential danger here for the US ruling class that 
>has grown fat and comforable with little to fear of the chickens coming 
>home to roost. Now, they have begun to have fear, that say, a FARC brigade 
>from Colombia might decide to take out Jesse Helms and crowd using the 
>tactics of Osama bin Laden? Localized dirty war has now gone 
>international, and the cowardly US ruling elite is running scared.   They 
>are used to others always taking the hits.

And I thought that Tony's notion of 'value' was anti-Marxist! This 
infatuation with terrorism makes my jaw drop. It is one thing to not enlist 
in "humanitarian" wars on terror. It is another to suggest that the US 
ruling class or any other ruling class will ever cede power as a result of 
terror. Serious social and political change, even short of a revolution, 
requires mass participation. Al Qaeda is distinquished by an utter 
disregard for the masses and an unwillingness to systematically disseminate 
its ideas, such as they are. When the Arab and Islamic world is in the 
grips of imperialism, it is an *obstacle* to future progress to sweep the 
class dimensions of the problem under the rug as Islamic radicals of all 
stripes do. If anything, short of a Lenin or Castro, the Arab and Islamic 
world would be better off with more Gandhis than bin-Ladens.

Louis Proyect
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