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>It is one thing to not enlist  in "humanitarian" wars on terror. It is 
another to suggest that the US  ruling class or any other ruling class will ever 
cede power as a result of  terror. . . Al Qaeda is distinquished by an utter 
disregard for the masses . . . When the Arab and Islamic world is in the grips of 
imperialism, it is an *obstacle* to future progress to sweep the  class 
dimensions of the problem under the rug as Islamic radicals of all  stripes do. If 
anything, short of a Lenin or Castro, the Arab and Islamic  world would be 
better off with more Gandhis than bin-Ladens.<


The appeal of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism exist inside a very real power 
relationship involving people who have been humiliated, exploited and 
oppressed at the hands of "others" with somewhat different historically evolved mode 
of thinking and conceptual frameworks. 

Bin Laden is a bourgeois imperial terrorist. His program of action is to 
raise the price of oil to $144.00 a barrel or shift the property relations in 
favor of himself and not the collapse and overthrow of the value producing system. 
The issue is not the price of oil but the abolition of property, starting 
with the very real bourgeois property relations, foreign and domestic. 

It is bad enough that Mr. Laden is a terrorist. He is not a terrorists of the 
1970s Italy or Germany - in his class strivings. Mr. Bin Laden is a bourgeois 
imperial terrorist fighting a sectarian war against his bourgeois imperial 
counterparts in the Western world. 

Mr. Bin Laden gave our imperial bourgeoisie the political maneuvering room 
and subjective rationale to increase the fascist reconfiguration of our national 
state structures. Mr. Bin Laden is no more than a bourgeois thug fighting a 
sectarian battle, designed to keep him and his class in power. Mr. Laden is not 
a bourgeois nationalists but a bourgeois imperial thug fighting a sectarian 
mission - from another side, no different than the zealot Bush Jr. 

It is true that Mr. Laden finds a mass bass of support amongst millions on 
the basis of ideology. How is that different from Bush Jr? 

At the end of the day the working man/women has no country. It is true that 
the masses learn on the basis of their own experience and many fear nuclear 
destruction more than death by napalm. The difference between Bush and Bin is 
sectarian with both conceiving of different routes to heaven and hell. Their 
heaven and hell is predicated on the existence of property. Both sectarian orders 
are founded on the basis of the preservation of the rule of the bourgeoisie. 

No concessions to terrorism. This includes first and foremost imperial 

Melvin P.  

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