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MG> But "street" Iraqis are frequently interviewed by US, British, and
MG> other Western reporters -- often after a suicide bombing or civilian
MG> casualties caused by American troops -- and they show no compunction
MG> about venting their hostility against the occupiers.

  You are right, and I don't think the problem with opinion polls in  
Iraq is that the polled are afraid of saying what they think (except,  
maybe in the face of a armed occupier, or in order to be polite and  
not offend the questioner).

  The problem is with opinion polls which are organized in a way to  
prove what the customer wants to hear.

   Remember the scandal raised by the Israeli government about that  
opinion poll made by the European Union, where among the results were  
that a majority of Europeans would see the state of Israel as the  
major danger for peace in the world? The pollsters apologized for the  
result and admitted that they should have posed the question in a  
different way to get the proper result.

   Another case is the opinion poll among (university) students in  
Germany which supposedly proved that a majority of them are in favor  
of tuition fees. The students organizations, which were engaged in  
mobilizations against the introduction of tuition fees, were upset,  
and pointed out, that the poll did not present opoosition against  
tuition fees among the choices for the polled. The boss of the polling  
institute explained that this was OK so, since tuition fees are being  
introduced anyway, that they are necessary, and that therefore it is  
out of question to be against tuition fees. He explained this in a  
radio show aimed at students...

   Some time ago, on this very mailing list, somebody posted his  
account of a telephone interview he underwent, where none of his  
opinions were possible choices.

   So one can expect opinion polls done by US institutions in Iraq  
being rigged for the wanted results, and this without any threats to  
the ones asked about their opinions.

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