[Marxism] Iraq one year later

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 20 10:22:53 MST 2004

>>But "street" Iraqis are frequently interviewed by US, British, and
other Western reporters -- often after a suicide bombing or civilian
casualties caused by American troops -- and they show no compunction
about venting their hostility against the occupiers. Many such articles
have been posted to this site as evidence of the depth of popular Iraqi
opposition to the occupation. How does this square with your agitated
analysis that the Iraqis are terrified to reveal their real attitudes to

There are undoubtedly many Iraqis like that. But do you think it is the
majority? Is it 80%, 50% or 20%?

I do not know if you have ever, as a working journalist, tried to do MOS
(Man-on-the-Street) interviews. Most people refuse to talk. Do you think
the reporter is going to tell you that? Dream on...

For a poll to be scientific, it has to be a *random* sample. People have
to be *willing*  to talk, *unafraid* to do so. What the self-selected
section of the population that comes out after an incident to curse the
Americans thinks tells you nothing about the rest of the population, and
in particular the section of the population that is either too
intimidates or has other reasons for not wanting to draw attention (like
the resistance cell that functions out of their house). 

The country is occupied. Thousands are dead; thousands more in
concentration camps. "Polling" done by the occupying power is worthless.


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