[Marxism] March 20 protest accounts

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Mar 20 18:22:35 MST 2004

I'm still recuperating from a brutal chest cold so I couldn't make it to 
the rally, but the NY Times reports that Mayor Bloomberg admitted that 
there were 30,000 marchers. The organizers said 100,000 so if you split the 
difference, you end up with 65,000 people--an impressive number. The other 
thing to keep in mind is that this is in the context of enormous pressure 
to demobilize. The left-wing of the Democratic Party is telling all its 
friends in the radical movement that getting rid of Bush is job number one 
for the movement. I remember how demobilized the antiwar movement got in 
1968 under similar circumstances. At one point I was convinced that the 
movement was finished. The success of today's protests worldwide will 
provide impetus for larger actions in the summer and fall. We have to keep 
the heat on these imperialist murderers.

Louis Proyect
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