[Marxism] March 20 protest accounts

gdunkel at mindspring.com gdunkel at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 20 19:37:03 MST 2004

On 20 Mar 04, at 20:22, Louis Proyect wrote:

> I'm still recuperating from a brutal chest cold so I couldn't make it to the
> rally, but the NY Times reports that Mayor Bloomberg admitted that 
> there
> were 30,000 marchers. The organizers said 100,000 so if you split the
> difference, you end up with 65,000 people--an impressive number.

I was at 34th St during most of the rally -- the crowd was packed from 
24th St to 34th -- 11 blocks.  If you figure 7,000 to 10,000 people per 
block, you get 77,000 to 110,000 people.

I don't know why the ANSWER press release did raise the issue of Haiti, 
but there was a significant -- 150 to 200 member -- Haitian contingent 
organized by the Coalition to Resist the Feb. 29th Coup d'Etat and a 
number of signs bring up this issue carried by a large number of 

The PSC -- the AFT local that has organized the faculty, adjuncts and 
staff at the City University of NY -- probably had 800 or so people in its 
contingent;  not just PSC members but also teachers from the SUNY 
(State University system), students, and others.  CUNY students also 
organized a number of other contingents -- City College, Lehman, York 
stand out.

The PSC had by far the largest labor contingent, but a number of other 
unions also were there.  The PSC leadership has taken the position that 
organizing against the war/occupation is part of our organizing for a 
better contract for its members.


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