[Marxism] Cyprus: Are Greeks the only player to blame?

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An interesting article on the background of the Cyprus conflict. Clarifies
some of the issues behind the Turkish intervention in 1974 and how the CIA
supported it (TMT, underground Turkish resistence organization). The article
also poses (albeit unintentionally) a lot of difficulties for the Turkish
national question. Some Turkish Marxists, who are subconsciously inspired by
Kemalist/nationalist/mainstream/social democratic analysis of Cyprus,
explain Turkish intervention in terms of a response to a military coup
plotted by Greece.While this is not undeniable, the Turkish view
leaves out chauvanism and conservative politics on the Turkish side (and how
it was "also" plotted by imperial powers). Of course, an objective analysis
of both sides requires putting your nationalist prejudism behind!!

Although this article takes a Turkish Cypriot point of view, albeit from a
progressive side, it is useful to see how colonial  powers organized Turkish
chauvanism on the Island (so greeks were not the "only" player to blame).


A contra-guerrilla organization called the Private War Bureau, hence the
CIA, played a role in the establishment of TMT (underground Turkish
resistance organization)

Till when?

Till the CIA wanted to organize the Turkish Cypriot community.

It has also been revealed that the CIA knew about and supported Turkey's
Peace Operation in 1974.

Years later, when Bulent Ecevit became the prime minister of Turkey again,
he revealed at a program he attended on a private television, that the
contra-guerrilla organization, Private War Bureau, was directed by the CIA
with the budget of the prime ministry; and that its members were composed of
retired military companions and nationalists. Did Ecevit say something like:

"Because I was concerned about my life, I could not find the courage to
complete the investigation when I was the prime minister." (We have to watch
the tape again to find out what the exact and complete sentence was.) He
must have been warned not to "stir things up."

The leader, who made us, the youth of the 50s, and the people, protest
against colonialism, was Dr. Fazil Kucuk. I was one of the people who walked
from Girne Kapisi to Sarayonu Dikilitas on January 27-28, 1958 in protest of
the British administration and threw the tear gas bombs back to the English

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