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*****   Posted on Sun, Mar. 14, 2004
Muslim Americans rallying to get out vote in November
Orange County Register

. . . American Arabs and Muslims always vote in large numbers. An 
estimated 79 percent are registered and 85 percent of those say they 
vote, according to a 2001 poll taken on behalf of Georgetown 
University in Washington, D.C.

Political activists believe the power of their community's block vote 
helped put George Bush in the White House four years ago. Bush won 
their votes overwhelmingly in Florida, where he claimed the 
presidency with less than a 600-vote margin.

The community cast those ballots on the advice of trusted voices such 
as the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Muslim Public 
Affairs Council. Word spread to voters over the Internet, at Islamic 
centers and through popular, ethnic newspapers such as Al-Watan and 
Arab World in Anaheim, Calif., and An-Nahar in Whittier, Calif.

"It was what he said, particularly opposing the use of secret 
evidence, plus, frankly, Gore ignored us," said Omar Zaki, who 
oversees politics for CAIR in Anaheim.

This time, their votes won't be won as easily, rank-and-file Muslim 
voters say. They are grasping for a better understanding of issues 
and candidates and a stronger say in who they will support.

"We want to create a model community with 100 percent voter 
registration," said Aslam Abdullah, a political adviser and founder 
of the newly minted Muslim Electorate Council of America. "That's 
what we are aiming for. We are doing the extensive work needed to 
bring in as many voters as possible."

It's been months now since Orange County, Calif., Muslims could go to 
a community event or even some private parties without running into 
someone with a voter registration form in hand.

Registration tables pop up outside Little Gaza restaurants along 
Brookhurst Street. Community members are volunteering as poll 
workers. Imams preach on voting.

Last month, about 300 Arab and Muslim voters, including Wareh and 
Nuru Nuru, a Garden Grove, Calif., cab driver, packed a political 
forum in Buena Park, Calif., where they cheered any candidate who 
took a strong stand on civil rights or spoke in favor of a just 
solution for Palestine.

"As an American and as a Muslim we have to worry about what is going 
on," said Nuru, 45, who brought his son, Nader, 15, to the forum. 
"America is a free country, but our freedom is taken by Sept. 11 and 
we have to protest for all Americans."

Around the edges of the room that night, community volunteers - some 
in hijabs - bent over voting machines, demonstrating how to use them. 
Candidates handed out campaign leaflets and Green Party members 
offered to register voters. Ralph Nader even phoned in a speech 
announcing his hours-old candidacy for president. . . .

<http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/politics/8172873.htm>   *****

*****   A recent poll of Arab-American voters in four key states has 
some bad news for both President Bush and his Democratic challenger 
John Kerry. The poll shows that the percentage of Arab-Americans who 
believe that President Bush deserves to be re-elected is a low 28 
percent. When matched up against John Kerry, Bush loses 54 percent to 
30 percent.The bad news for Sen. Kerry is that when Ralph Nader's 
name is entered into the mix, the numbers change to 43 percent for 
Kerry, 27 percent for Bush, and 20 percent for Nader.

The poll in question was the first in a series of tracking polls that 
Zogby International of New York is conducting for the Arab American 
Institute. This first poll, conducted in the last few days of 
February 2004, surveyed 501 likely Arab-American voters living in 
four key electoral states: Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 
(The poll has a margin of error of +/-4.5 percent.)

These four states were chosen because they will be among those to be 
hotly contested in the 2004 election and because they are also home 
to sizeable Arab-American populations. Together they include more 
than 1.1 million Arab-Americans.

Given the propensity of Arab-Americans to vote in somewhat larger 
numbers than the average population, Arab-Americans in these four 
states represent a likely voter turnout of more than 510,000 voters. 
The Arab-American vote equals more than five percent of the overall 
vote in Michigan, two percent in Florida, just under two percent in 
Ohio and more than 1.5 percent in Pennsylvania. . . .

If the election were held today, Kerry would win the Arab-American 
vote by a margin of 54 percent to 30 percent. In this match-up Kerry 
wins the support of virtually all of sub-groups of Arab-American 
voters. He beats President Bush among native-born Arab-Americans and 
immigrants and among all the major religious groupings (Catholics, 
Orthodox Christians, Protestants, and Muslims.) The problem for Sen. 
Kerry is that when Ralph Nader enters the race, he cuts significantly 
into Kerry's lead over Bush, reducing Kerry's total to 43 percent.

Here's what happens. One-half of all Nader's voters come right out of 
Kerry's column. Only one of six Nader voters come from President 
Bush. The rest are those Arab-Americans who indicated no preference 
between Bush and Kerry in the initial match-up.

Who are these Nader voters? It appears from the polling, that Nader 
voters are educated, high intensity issue voters. Three-fourths of 
Nader voters are native born Arab-Americans and three-fourths are 
college educated. Two-thirds of those who support Nader are 
Arab-American women. Almost 40 percent are Muslim Arab-Americans 
while another 30 percent are Orthodox Christians.Eighty percent of 
those who say they will vote for Nader say the Arab-Israeli conflict 
is very important in determining their vote. And a higher than 
average 80 percent give President Bush a poor rating on most of the 
issues included in the poll. . . .

(James J. Zogby, "Bush Losing Support of Arab-American Voters," 
Friday,  March 19, 2004, 

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