[Marxism] March 20 protest accounts

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Sun Mar 21 07:51:17 MST 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004 09:42:27 -0500 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:
> This morning when I went out to pick up the NY Times, I was startled 
> to 
> discover that the NY Daily News, a rightist tabloid geared to 
> minorities 
> and blue-collar workers, had a huge headline "PEACE" on the front 
> page 
> along with a photo of the march. You can see it at:
> http://www.nydailynews.com/
> This is truly remarkable. The paper is published by Mort Zuckerman, 
> an 
> arch-Zionist and warhawk. Something is going on here--what exactly 
> it is I 
> am not sure.

I suspect that it means that the US ruling class is preparing
to give Dubya the pink slip.

Jim F.
> Louis Proyect
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