[Marxism] "Dance of Death" partners: Brahmins vs. Maoists

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Sun Mar 21 12:20:24 MST 2004

[The hubbub over "down-sourcing" of metropolitan labor to the cheaper
periphery eclipses the bloody social struggle waged in the areas
targetted for expansion of metropolitan imperialism.  Here's a taste:]

 Tandav Sena to join dance of death

By Manoj Chaurasia, The Statesman (Calcutta), 21 March 2004

PATNA, March 20. - The dance of death in blood-drenched Bihar seems set
to get more frenzied over the coming days as the killing armies of Bihar
have added another to their number. On Thursday, Bhumihar youths
(Bhumihar, i.e., of the Hindu Brahmin caste, strong supporters of the
reactionary Hindu nationalist governing party BJP) in Gaya announced the
formation of yet another private army - Tandav Sena - to counter the
terror the outlawed Maoist Communist Centre has allegedly been
perpetrating on upper castes. The move comes close on the heels of a
series of killings of upper caste members in the Tekari sub-division of
Gaya over the past week.

Investigations by The Statesman revealed that the 25-30 men who form the
core of the Tandav Sena comprise both fresh recruits and those who have
broken away from the dreaded Ranvir Sena, the most lethal of the upper
caste private armies of Bihar. Its self-styled zonal commander is Chunnu
Sharma, alias Badshah. According to an official source, with the arrest
last year of Brahmeshwar Singh or "mukhia", the chief of the Ranvir
Sena, the outfit entered a period of comparative inactivity and the
Tandav Sena aims to fill the vacuum.

"Jai Ma Ranchandi - Maut Ka Tandav" reads the Tandav Sena letterhead on
a piece of paper that contains a chilling announcement of its intention
to kill 40 Naxalites to avenge the murder of four fellow-Bhumihars at
Adai, a village near Tekari, Gaya. This "press release" of sorts, signed
by the outfit's self-styled zonal commander, exhorts youths from the
Bhumihar community to put aside pens and lathis and pick up the gun to
"stamp out Naxalism from Bihar". The Bhumihar peasantry is in a state of
terror-stricken panic and this can no longer be tolerated, Badshah is
quoted as having said. The hand-written note also asks contractors and
traders not to pay the levy charged by the MCC in parts of the region
under its control.

The Tekari sub-division first came into the limelight after the MCC's
Red Squad butchered at least 37 Bhumihars on the night of 12 February
1992. Three other private armies dominated by Bhumihars - Ranvir Sena,
Brahmarshi Sena and Swarn Liberation Front (now almost non-existent
after the arrest of its self-styled chief Ramadhar Sharma alias Diamond)
- were constituted to serve as a "befitting reply" to the terror of
ultra-Left outfits and they have been active in bloodletting in the
south-central part of the region for over a decade.

The bloody clashes between Ranvir Sena and MCC in particular have
resulted in untold massacres including the mass murders at
Laxmanpur-Bathe, Senari, Shankar Bigha and Miyapur that left hundreds
dead. The formation of the Tandav Sena, it is feared, could aggravate an
already volatile situation in south-central Bihar where caste tensions
are high on election-eve.

Keeping in view the tension brewing there, Gaya district magistrate Mr
Sanjay Singh is learnt to have sought two additional companies of
paramilitary forces from the state government. Companies from the BSF
and CRPF are already camping in the region, an official source said.
Chief Election Commissioner Mr TS Krishnamurthi is scheduled to pay a
two-day visit to Bihar on 25 March to review poll preparations. The law
and order issue, official sources said, remains the main area of concern
as indicated by the announcement of a three-phase Lok Sabha poll for
Bihar. The Tandav Sena entering the fray will not lessen those an iota.

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