[Marxism] March 20 protest accounts

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Sun Mar 21 12:59:46 MST 2004

Jim Farmelant <farmelantj at juno.com> writes:

> I suspect that it means that the US ruling class is preparing
> to give Dubya the pink slip.

I have a similiar impression.

In effect, Bush led the US expansionist efforts at the start of the
millenia, an escalation of pre-millenial expansion.  Now, the US will
fall back on Kerry, whose job for the next 8 months is to keep his
mouth shut, and will not continue the same rate of expansion, but will
ATTEMPT to preserve the very real imperialist gains of the Bush

This is one reason why I appreciated Stan Goff's essay in The Black
Commentator.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke on Saturday at Chicago's
rally.  He mentioned Haiti twice.  The key phrases for his speech were
"Remember in November." and of course "Keep hope alive."  I don't
think we will see pressure on Kerry from Jackson, at least not

Here are multimedia links where you can see/hear Jackson and others
speak.  Thanks to all the people involved in that March/Rally.

Chicago: March 20, 2004 Rally for Peace


Video Clips


http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004a.wmv  [1.5mb]

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004b.wmv  [800kb]

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004c.wmv  [1.5mb]

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004d.wmv  [2.2mb]

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004e.wmv  [2.4mb]

Jesse Jackson

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-jessejackson.wmv  [13.6mb]

Danny Davis

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-dannydavis-wmv  [2.5mb]

Andy Thayer

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-andythayer.wmv  [3.6mb]

Voices of the Wilderness

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-voicesofwilderness.wmv  [1.5mb]
http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-voicesofwilderness2.wmv  [1.1mb]

Cuban Five

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-cuban5.wmv  [875kb]

Colombia- Luis Cardona

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004-colombia-luiscardona.wmv  [5.9mb]

Audio Clip

http://www.slideshows.us/032004/032004chicago.wma [29.6mb, 2hrs.6min. 

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky <craig at red-bean.com>

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