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Subject: March 20 in Buenos Aires

We were some 5-7 000 people, mostly anti-Peronist Left.

The "national camp" was represented by us of Patria y Pueblo, and the Eva
Peron Peronist group, together with the PCR (Maoists).  But even this was
a matter of luck, because the PCR and this Peronist group could not be
skirted by the organizers, since they had been the main contact of the
Iraqi Embassy in Buenos Aires during the times of Saddam and before they
had to close the Embassy under pressure from Menem and USA, after the
Embassy of Israel bomb attack.

What is obvious is that there was no attempt at all to call Peronists to
the march.  What's more, one of the slogans was intended in order to make
sure that no Peronist would come: "Against FTAA, against militarization of
the region, against the Debt".

The _actual_ meaning of this slogan is: "We don't believe in Kirchner nor
in national bourgeois regimes, so that we don't believe that Brazil and
Argentina together have blasted the FTAA at Miami, and we don't believe
that Kirchner has deactivated the attempts by the USA to go ahead with
unified military exercises in Argentinean territory, nor -of course- we
accept from Kirchner anything but straightforward war against the IMF and

Both things made the march much smaller than it could have been. Ah, but,
yes, very "pure".

In fact, loose social organizations brought more people than the "Left".

Even so, we bothered some. We marched along Avenida Las Heras from the
corner of Las Heras and Pueyrred=F3n through the very well-to-do high rise
neighborhoods along the Las Heras Avenue up to the American Embassy.
Some threw oranges and pumpkins on us. Think that a few of those in the
march would have killed to have a good pumpkin in their soups that

I was at the head, holding the large banner together with other

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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Buenos Aires, 1822
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