[Marxism] On Al Queda

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Sun Mar 21 16:47:19 MST 2004

Louis wrote:

>Let's say that this is the way that Al Qaeda thinks. So what. They are
wrong. Terrorism has been singularly unsuccessful in achieving national
liberation. Even when the movement is relatively accountable to the
such as the PKK in Turkey or the Provos in Northern Ireland, these
have not benefited from a single bomb going off.

Not sure I agree that the Provision Irish Republican Army were involved
in Terrorism. Things which were bad were done - but worse things were
done by the enemy. Don't also agree that terrorism doesn't necessarily
work - not that I agree with it. In many ways I could find myself
agreeing with Tony Abdo - the third world lives under terrorism. The
fact that 30 children die every minute of preventable causes is a
terrorist act. In a sense, all we're talking about is a balance of
terror. In that sense I think it can work. Of course, from a popular
movement's perspective, to keep things together - terrorism doesn't
work. Bombing London just focusses the enemies mind - and the local
population are glad that it doesn't affect you. As long as it causes
significant economic damage - it has to impact on the imperialists views
of things. There is a price attached. Many people here thing that the
Peace process in Ireland - like it or loath it - was pushed through by
the successful bombing of London. Paradoxically, any future campaign
would have to avoid such bombing runs to prevent comparisons or
confusions with the likes of Al Queda.

>If you study the example
of Cuba, Nicaragua, China or Vietnam, you will discover very few
of terror strictly speaking. You do have assassinations of repressive
mayors, military figures, etc., but this is entirely in accord with the
norms of civil war as described in Trotsky's "Their Morals and Ours".
goal here is political clarity.

I think I totally agree with Louis here. A key question must be the
political reverbrations of any act. Al Queda don't think like us because
they are fundamentally about islamic jihad - we are about constructing a
new world. All the same, though, I do think that this proves the need to
have a certain sense of critical judgement when it comes to
anti-imperialist outfits. Al Queda isn't where its at - in my view -
even if they are (and I agree that they are) a form of internationalist

Is mise

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