[Marxism] Bush's former terrorism adviser denounces him

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 21 19:41:17 MST 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:

>Something is going on here--what exactly it is I am not sure.

Jim Farmelant wrote:

>I suspect that it means that the US ruling class is preparing to give Dubya 
>the pink slip.

Fred Feldman wrote (re. Dick Clark's whistle blowing on the White House's 
approach to terrorism):

>Another signal that Bush is losing "the mandate of Heaven"

With all due respect, I have a hard time with this way of looking at an 
evolving political process.  It seems to rely on an extremely mechanistic, 
teleological view of class struggles and intra-class conflicts.  It reminds 
me of how self-marginalized political sects tend to pose these questions.

Where are *we* (the masses of people who are protesting against the U.S. 
foreign policy at home and abroad) in this equation?  How does "Heaven" get 
to form its "mandate"?  What concrete political process is going on here, 
what are the forces in conflict, and how are we influencing and/or should 
influence the process in a way that best advances our independent interest?  
These things are missing in your remarks.

IMO, our role -- as we consistently oppose the U.S. invasion and occupation 
of Iraq in our streets, communities, organizations, public arenas, and fora 
-- has played, is playing, and will continue to play a *decisive* role in 
the way things have evolved, are evolving, and will evolve.

Frankly, the implicit assumption that "Heaven" (the U.S. ruling class) is 
omnipotent, that they can effectively predict and control events eight 
months down the road is wacky.  People here complain a lot about how 
academics are in their Ivory Tower detached from the earthly struggle, yet 
the approach that underlies these remarks strikes me as the nec plus ultra 
of academism.

Yes, the rulers are powerful, but they are not omnipotent and, despite the 
appearances, our actions (mass demonstrations and electoral participation) 
are decisive in the political process.  A real political process like this 
allows for small, marginal influences to tilt the scales and we should try 
our best to tilt them in our favor.

Our role is not to passively witness how "Heaven" issues "mandates" to 
bourgeois politicians.  We are actively shaping up events that will have 
tremendous repercussions in our lives.  Of course, "Heaven" is divided.  
There is a significant portion of the ruling class who views Bush's approach 
as misaligned with their interests, in the shorter or longer run.  There is, 
certainly, another portion that is backing Bush, showering him with campaign 
cash.  (Note the disproportion in campaign funding.)  And another portion 
(perhaps most capitalists) that could go either way but that, until now, is 
hedging its bets with a significant bias in favor of the incumbent.  
However, these positions are not fixed.  They'll go long or short on Bush 
depending on how living people act.

This is a very fluid, evolving juncture.  And we should not believe that 
this race has been predetermined in or by "Heaven."  And we should not talk 
as if, in general, "Heaven" can decide history behind our backs.  As weak as 
the left and the workers' movement is, they can't.  We are taking part in 
this historical process and IMO we, the masses, have a rather clear idea of 
our immediate goal: a change in foreign and economic policy through a change 
in the White House.  Let's play our little hand the best way we can.

I have exposed my views about why we should bring the class struggle into 
the Democratic Party and use this campaign not only to agitate against 
Bush's foreign and domestic policies, but also against the two-party system 
and against capitalism, putting forth our longer term goals.  IMO, that's 
the best approach.  That said, frankly, I'm not *opposed* to those who are 
supporting Nader.  Although I'm not following them because I believe their 
effort is wrongheaded, I do respect them.  If some people want it, they 
should have that choice too.  My only advice to them is that they do their 
best effort, with all they have, don't burn the bridges with other forces in 
the left, and limit even more Heaven's apparent grip in our history.  We're 
in this for very long haul.


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