[Marxism] Re: Al Qaeda-Emerging NewInternationalResistance to Imperialism

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 21 21:10:45 MST 2004

Several people have commented that Al Qaeda is not really concerned with 
opinion in the imperialist countries. But I don't think that that is the 
actual case, myself. I believe that Al Qaeda is absolutely convinced that 
the imperialist countries do not have the stomach for waging war when it is 
brought home to them directly.  Which leads to my next point.  Al Qaeda does 
not see their actions as terrorism, but as a military operation against 
foreign powers that are active in persecuting Islam and the people who 
believe in Islam, in those countries where Muslims live.

Sept 11 was not an operation of American civilians against American 
civilians, whcih would have made it a classical act of terrorism.  It was an 
act of war, brought from outside the US by foreign nationals to directly try 
to economically and militarily change the balance of forces in the countries 
where those Muslims had roots. At first glance, it seemed that this act of 
war produced an actual deterioration in the power of the attacking troops. 
Afghanistan was invaded, and Al Qaeda was put into a worldwide retreat. 
Fundamentalist Isalm in the form of Al Qaeda appeared to have suffered a net 

However, the catalyst of actually carrying out a military attack inside the 
US has had such an impact politically, that the entire dynamics of 
imperialist control over the Third World has been permanently altered. 
Whereas before, it had appeared that the US had no significant price at home 
in human life that would have to be paid in exchange for continuing its 
warfare abroad, today everybody is now trying to calculate just exactly what 
horrible deal must be struck with fate, if their government is continued to 
be allowed free reign to oppress other peoples around the entire planet. 
This in fact, was the entire intent of the original attack, IMO.

The US now has a volunteer army full of volunteers who don't want another 
round of duty. And meanwhile, these troops are now supported by a civilian 
base, that believes that their government is ultimately not going to be 
effective in providing security from another military strike, for both 
themselves and their families. Al Qaeda has succeeded in their military 
objective, of creating US popular fear of further engagement with Third 
World, and most especially Muslim Third World, forces. All this is quite a 
change from less than 3 years previous.

A lot has been made of the fact that Al Qaeda's warfare was extremely low 
tech, launched against an arsenal that is extremely high tech. There is a 
point that Al Qaeda was trying to make. The point being, that all the US 
high tech cannot entirely and permanently close every small opening, where 
upon that a military strike can be launched against the US. There is no 
'star wars missile defense' that can protect against 'us'.  'We' are 
prepared to engage in warfare on American soil, and 'we' are no more likely 
than the US government itself to abide by international norms of conduct in 
warfare. So stop your government from doing as they have been doing.

Tony Abdo

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