[Marxism] Albanian Mobs Attacking Serb Areas in New Wave of Violence

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UK soldiers ready for Mitrovica
British troops are preparing to head for the divided town of Mitrovica

The bulk of 750 extra UK troops being sent to Kosovo are preparing to head 
to the troubled town of Mitrovica. Most of the group landed in the Kosovan 
capital of Pristina on Friday and are set to join Nato-led K-For 
peacekeepers in Mitrovica in the next three days.

The Nato request for more troops came amid continuing ethnic violence in the 
former Yugoslav province, which has left at least 28 people dead. A further 
600 people have been wounded in the worst unrest for five years.

A score of military transports landed in Kosovo overnight on Friday with 
troops and equipment to boost the 17,000-strong KFOR force. NATO is putting 
on a show of force in a bid to stop a slide into anarchy

Jonny Dymond
BBC correspondent
Soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and 
Wiltshire regiment were the first of Britain's reinforcements to touch down 
in Pristina.

France, Germany and other NATO countries are also sending troops with orders 
to use deadly force if fired on. BBC correspondent Jonny Dymond, speaking 
from Kosovo, said NATO is putting on a show of force in a bid to stop a 
slide into anarchy.

UN staff were pulled out of the flashpoint town of Mitrovica on Thursday 
after clashes between Serbs and Albanians began and mobs set light to 
Serbian Orthodox churches and homes.

The violence was sparked by the deaths of two Albanian children, blamed on 
members of the province's small ethnic Serbian community.

The commander of NATO forces in southern Europe, Gregory Johnson, has said 
the violence "essentially amounts to ethnic cleansing".

Brigadier Martin Vine said the British troops' role would be "to suppress 
continued violence and reassure the population".

Germany - 22,500
Northern Ireland - 13,500
Iraq - 8,800
Cyprus - 3,200
Kuwait & Gulf countries - 1,385
Falkland Islands - 1,240
Bosnia and Croatia - 1,130
Kosovo - 750
Gibraltar - 420
Afghanistan - 350
Other UN missions - 450
Sierra Leone - 100
Source: Ministry of Defence

Troops head to fragile Kosovo
UN pulls out of Kosovo flashpoint
The decision to send extra troops was made by the MoD's Chief of the Defence 
Staff General Sir Michael Walker who received the request from Nato's 
Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
The province is under UN administration and although it is still officially 
part of Serbia and Montenegro, in reality Belgrade has no power there.

The upsurge in violence is the worst since the Nato-led bombing campaign 
against the former republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.
Serbs flee as UN protection fails
By Nicholas Wood
March 22, 2004
As her daughter, 6, clung to her legs, Bogdanka Miric recounted how she, her 
family and about 20 neighbours, all ethnic Serbs, escaped as an ethnic 
Albanian mob rampaged through the town of Lipjan.

They escaped, they said, by jumping from a second-floor balcony on to a 
waiting military truck. On the other side of the concrete building, gunmen 
fired into the apartments from nearby buildings.

The family's narrow escape on Wednesday mirrored that of hundreds of other 
Serbs across this province, illustrating the apparent inability and failure 
of the UN mission that governs the region to provide protection to the 
people here.

It was unclear whether those behind the marauding mobs had succeeded in 
altering the ethnic balance of the province. In the short-term, the burning 
of Serb homes and churches forced many to leave areas that were once 
ethnically mixed.

At least one town, Kosovo Polje, outside Pristina, had no Serbs left. But in 
other areas, Serbian men were returning to their homes to inspect the 
damage, and possibly to stay.

"No one had any idea it would be so violent," said police sergeant Angel 
Feliciano, who was working with the UN police in Lipjan.

He and about 14 other officers tried to prevent a crowd of several hundred 
people from reaching a group of houses owned by Serbs but the police were 
outnumbered. Three armoured personnel carriers stood by, but the Finnish 
troops received no orders to back up the police.
- New York Times

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