[Marxism] Re: LNG security....FERCed (again)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Mar 22 09:02:43 MST 2004

Eugene Coyle wrote:

>Patriot Act Restricts Access to LNG Safety Studies
>March 19, 2004, California Energy Circuit
i 'm not sure how they intend to "restrict access" ...  its fairly well 
known in engineering circles that James Fay at MIT studied this back in 
1970's. the papers are widely available -- and paint a quite scary 
scenario for places like Boston Harbor.

a few googles on "Fay LNG":



a google on "LNG fire" brings almost identical results, meaning one 
would not even need to know who did the initial studies.

the documents placed under restriction by FERC appear to be compliance 
documents, and one can only wonder at the regulation breaking by 
shipping companies that may be contained therein. Whatever they contain, 
practioners of violence would merely need shipping routes and times, a 
scheme for breaching double hulls, and use of existing documents on 
fireball diameters to plan "best location for attack" scenarios. Anyone 
covering these bases would probably be better prepared than 9/11 pilots.

this use of the Patriot Act reminds me of the news story from the other 
day on resurgence of nuclear fallout studies with the view that 
diagnosis of radioactivity post-detonation could lead to bomb material 
identification and hence to (human) detonators of the bomb and hence to 
a country to retaliate against and hence "by a commodius vicus of 
recirculation"  to a form of deterrence:


it's important to expose the Patriot Act for what it is not: it is not a 
blueprint for making anyone you or I know safe from physical attack.

les schaffer

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