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>I neglected to mention what political conclusions I draw from my view of
these bombing campaigns - that they may be an effective tactic, but only a
supplementary one, to a) the mobilization of the oppressed population in
mass action campaigns (Louis’ point about Ghandi), b) political work within
the oppressor population, and c) solidarity work internationally. These
features seem to me to be, above all, what distinguished secular left-wing
movements in Algeria, N. Ireland, South Africa, etc. from the jihadist ones
which have unfortunately have, for historical reasons, replaced them in the
forefront of national liberation struggles.

Marv Gandall<

Al Qaeda is not an expression or form of the national liberation struggle. 
The national question, i.e., "national liberation" struggle, more than less 
disappeared from the general stream of the social struggle more than 80 years ago 
and reappeared as the national-colonial question. 

The national question emerges during the transition from landed property 
relations to industry and deals with the question of the peasantry and the 
struggle of the rising bourgeoisie to secure its home market. 

The national colonial question, that is the fusion of the national question 
with the question of being a colony of imperialism emerged prior to and was 
consolidated on the basis of the First World Imperialist War. 

The National-Colonial Question no longer exist as such as it arose in 
history. I personally would dissignare the ending of the Vietnam War as the political 
juncture - generally speaking, and the later emergence of speculative capital 
to leader of the world total social capital as the economic juncture. The 
struggle in Iraq is not a national liberation movement but a movement for the 
overthrow of all capital, foreign and domestic, in its objective logic. The form 
of the movement - how it finds subjective expression, cannot but evolve on the 
basis of Iraq ideological and philosophic history. 

Elementary Marxism teaches everyone that when fundamental things change, 
everything dependent upon them must in turn/also change. This does not imply the 
result of change are immediate or direct. Nor does this disregard that the form 
of a qualitative definition changes after and during transition to a new 
qualitative definition. 

The world has long ago left the direct colonial system. Lenin wrote a whole 
book on this subject. Various intellectuals in the former colonial world wrote 
mountains of book on Neocolonialism to describe a transition in the form of 
imperial entrapment. In the past decade another mountain of books was written on 
what is called globalization, the shattering of national political 
structures, customs and tradition that block or inhibit the flow of speculative capital. 

It is true that the form of the evolving social struggle, as expressed in 
Iraq appears as Christian soldiers - Crusaders, invading the Holy lands because 
Christian soldiers are invading the Holy Land. Al Qaeda fight and stated 
purpose is to secure its existence as a segment of historically evolved capital. To 
do this and protect its sectarian interest it must develop the ability to 
rally a segment of masses to its cause. 

What describes the fundamentality of change in this era that is different 
from the era of the shattering of the colonial system and the transformation of 
the neocolonial structure into an interactive web of finance capital, is the 
changes in the technological regime, on whose basis the modern edifice of 
speculative capital was built and won dominance over the world total social capital. 

Without question the Christian troops should never have invaded the Holy 
Lands in the first place. These imperial Strom troopers have one primary goal and 
it is not the control of oil. Capital does not give a fuck about running out 
of resources. Their expressed design and publicly stated mission is to 
transform the social structures - i.e., bring a modern form of bourgeois democracy to 
the Middle East. A section of imperial capital is fighting its death fight to 
secure its existence on the basis of its historically evolved social 

Al Qaeda is not a form of the national liberation struggle or movement. It is 
a bourgeois imperialist terrorist network. 

At the end of the day the speculative capital, who write the agenda for the 
world total capital, simply do not care if the price of oil is set at $400 a 
barrel. The splits within our own imperial bourgeoisie - not with the forces of 
Al Qaeda, is based on sectarian political party interest with many believing 
that the zealots in the Bush administration have unleashed social forces, the 
multinational state of the American Union will be unable to control.  

What we face today is a different alignment of class forces on the world 
stage. The working men and women of earth - their communist detachment, not only 
have no country but understand why we have no country. Without question our 
task is to win the world toilers to this understand of this stage of imperial 
finance capital. 

Al Qaeda is not a form of resistence to imperialism. Its stated political and 
economic goal is to secure its imperialist objective on the basis of 
petroelum, preservation of bourgeios property on the basis of its historically evolved 
social structures. 

Nor is it a question of simply throwing bombs or the three thousand deaths at 
the World Trade Center buildings. The fact of the matter is that more people 
than that die yearly from lack of medical coverage in the American Union. A 
section of the people in the American Union instinctively understand our 
destructive role in the world today. What is not understood is property and Class and 
why the world exists in its current turmoil. 

As always we begin with condemnation of our own imperial bourgeoisie. Not one 
conception to the imperial bourgeois terrorists. The logic of the position 
above is no more than rank chauvinism. Bin Laden is an imperial chauvinist, 
mistakenly conceived as the bourgeois nationalist of the past period. 

Melvin P. 

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