[Marxism] The War in Spain --again.

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 22 10:20:22 MST 2004

A friend wrote:
I thought this was a bullshit piece, relying almost totally on far right
sources and praising the revisionists of the Civil War.  What did you
see in

I replied:
I agree with you.  Those aspects you identify are the reason I sent it
out.  But I only sent it to those of us who, I believe in all
confidence, have the perspicacity to penetrate the pretentious pose of
propriety portrayed by the NYTimes ;) .  I believe people should know
how history, the present, and future possibilities are created in the
public mind by bourgeois media posing as objective reporters of actual

Did you read the recent NYTimes interview of Hugo Chavez?  What
baloney!  You never read any such skewed and slanted writing about his
opponenets.  Typical.  [Additionally: I'd like to see Marquis and/or
Forero interview Uribe in that confrontational style while loading the
report with all the dubious associations they can dig up about their

My recent interactions with the gatekeepers at that rag prove once again
to me that they are incorrigible, and that it may be more productive to
write about them than to them.


A Bitter Chávez Castigates U.S., Saying It Misjudges Him
By CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS, New York Times, March 18, 2004
(Juan Forero contributed reporting for this article.)
CARACAS, Venezuela, March 15 - Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela,
feels grossly misunderstood.  
For the rest:

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