[Marxism] Re: Chomsky favours Kerry

Brian James bajames at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 22 07:28:10 MST 2004

> After the demo, 
> Chomsky spoke at the Orpheum at an NDP fundraiser, where concerned 
> activists leafletted about the NDP's role in firing tens of thousands of 
> rounds into a crowd of protesting Indians who dared to state that the land 
> was theirs. For this, terror swat tactics were unleashed by the New 
> Democrats. It's good to know whose side Noam took on that matter.

Between the demo and the Orpheum speech Chomsky squeezed in a visit with
John Graham, a former American Indian Movement activist charged with the
1975 murder of fellow AIM activist Anna Mae Aquash and now fighting
extradition to a U.S. kangaroo court.


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