[Marxism] Mounting anti-Nader frenzy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 22 18:02:32 MST 2004

The CPUSA and Nation Magazine liberals have pulled out all the stops in 
attempting to quarantine Nader. The attack proceeds mainly along several 
lines. It is asserted that he will draw votes away from the pro-war and 
anti-poor John Kerry who is not as extremely pro-war and anti-poor as 
George W. Bush. It is better that we have less intense imperialist wars and 
that the war on the poor be less ferocious--so the argument goes. It is 
also stated that Nader is irrelevant anyhow. All the smart black people are 
for Kerry, at least those who don't write for Counterpunch. You also get 
the argument that Nader is in bed with the rightwing, a canard that was 
raised by Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, a more legitimate 
version of the scam that Morris Dees runs.

Over on LBO-Talk Doug Henwood has written perhaps 1000 posts since the 
primaries began attacking Nader and the Greens. The election is turning 
into the same kind of Captain Ahab adventure for him as Yugoslavia was for 
fellow Nation Magazine celebrity Christopher Hitchens. He just posted an 
article from an outfit called National Center for Policy Analysis that 
makes the case that Nader is a true conservative. I myself would be leery 
of anything run by Pete Du Pont, one of the country's leading reactionaries 
who writes editorials for the Wall Street Journal and who ran for president 
as a Republican in 1988. The author writes that the "earliest piece I was 
able to find by Ralph Nader was published in the ultra-conservative 
American Mercury magazine in March 1960".  He probably wasn't digging very 
deep. In fact Ralph Nader wrote an article for the American Socialist a 
couple of years earlier calling for sweeping changes in the US electoral 
system that he found deeply anti-democratic. This venue seems like the last 
place that a budding conservative would write for.

Henwood himself was a conservative at Yale before social pressure convinced 
him that the right wing were losers--"icky" as he might call them. He then 
dipped his big toe into the waters of Marxism and found it too hot. Over 
the past 7 years he has dabbled in postmodernism, Frank Furedi-ism, and 
various other Marxoid trends. It looks to me that he is turning into a 
Democratic Party hack no matter the leftist window dressing.

Louis Proyect
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